April 26, 2013
286 Applicants Pass February 2013 Bar Exam

The Ohio Supreme Court released the February 2013 Ohio Bar Examination results today. The exam was administered on February 26-28 in Columbus. Out of 426 applicants who sat for the exam, 286 (67 percent) received passing scores; out of 254 first-time applicants, 80 percent received passing scores.

View a complete list of names and addresses of the successful applicants.

The oath of office will be administered to successfu applicants who have also satisfied all of the Ohio Supreme Court’s other requirements for admission. The oath will be administered during a special public session of the Supreme Court at 2 p.m. Monday, May 6, at The Ohio Theatre, 39 East State Street, Columbus.

Article IV, Section 2(B)(1)(g) of the Ohio Constitution grants the Ohio Supreme Court exclusive jurisdiction to regulate admission to the practice of law in Ohio. Among other duties, the Office of Bar Admissions oversees the admissions process for the Ohio Supreme Court.