Commission Recommendations on Sentencing

A Plan for Misdemeanor Sentencing Vol. I (general)

A Plan for Misdemeanor Sentencing Vol. II (traffic)

A Plan for Juvenile Sentencing (Fall 1999)

A Plan for Ohio Criminal Asset Forfeiture Law (March 2003)

Rape Penalties (Oct. 10, 2006)

A Plan for Simplifying the Ohio Revised Code Felony Sentencing Statutes (May 2008)

Ad Hoc Committee on Sex Offender Registration Report & Recommendations (April 2016)

Prison Crowding: The Long View, With Suggestions (2011)

Appellate Review - Grounds for Appeal of Criminal Sentence (April 2015)

Felony Sentencing in Ohio After Foster (March 28, 2006)

Judicial Decision Making After Blakley and Booker (Feb. 16, 2005)

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