Image of the Scales of JusticeThe Supreme Court of Ohio Specialized Dockets Annual Conference

Speaker Materials

Alexis Balkey
Data and Information Sharing
What Substance Use Treatment Providers Should Know About Changes to Confidentiality Regulations (42 CFR Part 2) - Final Rule
Effective Cross System Information Sharing
Sample Consent to Individual Recipient 42 CFR Part 2 and HIPAA
Pathways of Communication - Communication Bridges
42 CFR Part 2 Final Rule: What Has NOT Changed
Alexis Balkey and Jane Pfeifer
Data-Driven Decision Making: Understanding How to Use Your Data to Make Program Improvements Using Rapid Cycle Testing to Improve Practice
Meeting Your Data - Activity
Getting to Know Your Data - Activity
11 Performance Measures for Ohio SSRP
Alexis Balkey and Dr. Nancy K. Young
Lessons Learned from the Statewide System Reform Program (SSRP)
Alexis Balkey, Dr. Nancy K. Young, and Jane Pfeifer
Governance Structure and Leadership: Is Your FDC Built to Last?
The Big Seven - Key Practices to Building an Effective Family Drug Court
The Elephant in the Room
How Does Your System Respond to Parental Substance Use Disorders in the Child Welfare Caseload?
Pathways of Communication - Communication Bridges
John Born
Effort, Results, Impact: Drug Interdiction Progress through Intelligence and Collaboration
Sherene Crawford
Procedural Justice: Simple Ideas that can Lead to Higher Compliance, Greater Trust in the System and Reduced Recidivism
The Simple Idea That Could Transform U.S. Criminal Justice
Procedural Justice: Practical Tips for Courts
Procedural Justice in Action Resource Guide
Chad Garner and Cameron McNamee
Ohio Automated Rx Reporting System (OARRS)
Dan Griffin
Plenary Session: Understanding the Culture of Recovery
Helping Men to Recover - Trauma-Informed Treatment for Men
Strange Bedfellows: Reconciling the Contradictions of Trauma-Informed Practices and Criminal Justice Interventions
Mary Haller, Douglas Day, and Megan Powell
Behavioral Health Redesign
Helen Harberts
Legal Minefields (Juvenile Focused)
Legal Minefields
LaTonya Harris
SSRP Demonstration Site Meeting
James Henderson
Adult Courts, CP General and Municipal
Dr. Jeffrey Janata
Chronic Pain, Inappropriate Prescribing, and Opiate Dependence Related to Prescribing
Anna Koozmin and Terrence Walton
Introducing the Juvenile Drug Treatment Court Guidelines
JDTC Team Member Roles and Responsibilities
Dr. Christina Marshall
Medication Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Opiate Addiction
Dr. Dennis Michelson
Double Trouble: Dual Diagnosis Issues
The Learning Curve for Drug Courts and Dual Diagnosis Participants
Dr. William Parker
Drug Testing: Do You Know Enough to be Dangerous
Creatine, Creatine and Diluted Specimens
Drugs of Abuse Cross Reference Table
EtG Testing Is My Client Really "Drinking?"
Heroin: What is it and How is it Used?
Opiates: What are they Using?
Quantitative Levels and Prescription Medications
Crude Overdose Death Rate Per 100,000 Ohio - 2016
Percent of Overdose Deaths with Fentanyl Mentions Ohio - 2016
Jane Pfeifer
Family Centered Services - Transitioning to a Family Centered Approach
Vanessa Price
Addressing Disparities: Ensuring Equity and Inclusion Across Criminal Justice Populations
Terrence Walton
Best Practice Standards Volume 1
Best Practice Standards Volume 2
Michelle White and Tara Kunkle
Roles and Responsibilities of Treatment Team Members
Adult Drug Court Team Roles, Responsibilities, and Resources
Activity: Team Roles and Responsibilities
Activity; Assessing Your Team's Functioning
Sample Memorandum of Understanding Adult Drug Court
Grants and Funding
Sample RFPs
Dr. Nancy Young, Alexis Balkey, and LaTonya Harris
Lessons Learned from the Statewide System Reform Program (SSRP)
Expanding the Reach of Family Drug Courts
Family Drug Court Statewide System Reform Program Handout
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