Kingsley Taft Map Room

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About Kingsley A. Taft

The Kingsley A. Taft Map Room features a well-preserved collection of 16 original, historically significant maps donated by Sheldon A. Taft, son of the late Chief Justice.

The maps, which date back to the mid-17th century, reflect the evolution of the mapping of the area that became the northeastern part of the United States, including Ohio.

The collection is the product of nearly 25 years of research on the part of Sheldon Taft, who assembled the maps from a variety of sources, including historical map stores in New York and London, house sales and in one case, a street vendor in Venice.

The Kingsley A. Taft Map Room is not a part of the self-guided tour of the Thomas J. Moyer Ohio Judicial Center, but it may be viewed by appointment. For more information call 614.387.9000.

About the Donation

The collection of maps found in the Kingsley A. Taft Map Room was donated to the Supreme Court of Ohio by Sheldon A. Taft, son of the late Kingsley A. Taft.

Sheldon A. Taft is a friend of the late Chief Justice Thomas J. Moyer and a retired attorney who was a partner of the Columbus-based law firm of Vorys, Sater, Seymour & Pease, where he specialized in the areas of public utilities and energy law. He is a graduate of Amherst College and the Harvard Law School. Sheldon Taft was actively involved in his father’s campaigns for Justice and Chief Justice of the Court and also made a run for the Court himself in 1974.

The map collection was a fixture in Sheldon Taft’s office at the Vorys firm until 2002 when he retired. He offered the maps to the Ohio Historical Society for safe housing until they were installed at the Supreme Court of Ohio in November 2005.