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Dec. 7, 2010
Common Pleas Judges to Convene at Winter Meeting

Promoting professionalism on and from the bench will be one of the featured presentations during the annual common pleas court judges winter meeting this week.

A panel of common pleas judges – Richard K. Warren of Allen County, Michael P. Donnelly of Cuyahoga County and Linda J. Jennings of Lucas County – and Commission on Professionalism Secretary Lori Keating will discuss a series of 10 hypothetical situations with a goal of encouraging judges to be more proactive in addressing attorney behavior that is unprofessional but not necessarily unethical.

Presented by members of the commission, the panelists hope to highlight a judge’s ability to promote professionalism by setting a positive example and intervening when attorneys act in unprofessional ways. The interactive discussion is being presented for the first time at a common pleas judges event.

The Ohio Common Pleas Judges Association three-day educational program will also include sessions on evidence in the courts, the new centralization of out-of-state attorneys admission in Ohio, new Senate Bill 77 that addresses eyewitness identification and confessions, new media and the courts, juror attitudes, an Ohio courts update, a criminal case law update, an Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction update and information on the drug suboxone, which is used to treat opiate addiction.

Besides the educational courses, the association will also elect judges to serve as officers and trustees for 2011 at a business meeting on Thursday.

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