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Aug. 4, 2011
Court, Bar Association Host New Lawyer Mentoring Event

Columbus participants in the Supreme Court of Ohio Lawyer to Lawyer mentoring program gathered Wednesday to tour the new home of the Franklin County Common Pleas Court, General Division and to network at a reception with fellow mentors and new lawyers. The event was a joint effort by the general division’s administration and Columbus Bar Association and marked the first time that a local court co-sponsored a mentoring event.

Established as a permanent program in 2008, Lawyer to Lawyer seeks to elevate the competence, professionalism and success of Ohio lawyers. The one-year program pairs experienced lawyers with those recently admitted to the practice of law who meet six times for discussions and activities selected from an approved mentoring plan.

Lori Keating, program administrator and secretary to the Supreme Court’s Commission on Professionalism, attended the event and said the tour and remarks by members of the common pleas bench were tailored to what new lawyers need to know.

“During the tours, new lawyers learned practical information that isn’t taught in law school,” she said. “They are now familiar with the layout of the new courthouse, the new technology employed in its courtrooms and the importance of learning and following the court’s local rules and specific procedures each judge has established to run an efficient docket. In addition, new lawyers and mentors benefited from a brief introduction to the court’s electronic filing system, which will be unveiled soon.”

Keating said that the Columbus Bar Association, which sponsored the reception, and the court’s general division, which arranged the tours and security services, put together a terrific event. She especially acknowledged Donna Sweet, the bar association’s director of Committees & Special Events; and Stacy Worthington, director of Court Support Services for the general division; for their individual efforts in planning and coordinating the program.

Mentors and new lawyers matched through the program enjoyed the networking opportunity provided by the reception. Guided tours of the courthouse were conducted before and after the reception.

As for the speakers on the agenda, Judge Richard A. Frye, who served as chair of the judges committee that oversaw the construction of the courthouse, spoke about the new facility; and Magistrate Mark Petrucci talked to new lawyers about the importance of joining their local bar associations.

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