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March 1, 2011
Supreme Court Launches LinkedIn Group for Mentoring Program

Supreme Court Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring participants benefit from network group establishment.Attorneys participating in the Supreme Court of Ohio mentoring program have a new way of staying in touch, the Supreme Court announced today.

The Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program launched a social networking group on LinkedIn to facilitate communication among program participants. The network also will be used to keep members informed of curriculum deadlines and upcoming events. Attorneys participating as both mentors and new lawyers will benefit, said Lori Keating, secretary to the Court’s Commission on Professionalism, who administers the program.

“Using this social media site will enrich the participants’ overall experience,” Keating said. “With interactive postings, discussions can be open to all group members, rather than limited to individual mentor-new lawyer pairs. And the program’s networking opportunities will rise to a whole new level, as group members engage their own LinkedIn networks.”

The Court will manage the LinkedIn group as a pilot program through 2011.

Established as a permanent program in 2008, Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring seeks to elevate the competence, professionalism and success of Ohio lawyers. The one-year program pairs experienced lawyers with those recently admitted to the practice of law who meet six times for discussions and activities selected from an approved mentoring plan.

Learn more about the Lawyer to Lawyer Mentoring Program.

The establishment of a Supreme Court presence on LinkedIn is the latest in a string of new media initiatives undertaken by the Court in recent months. Justice Judith Ann Lanzinger launched a blog site in June 2010 aimed at students that provides a forum for discussion with straightforward explanations about judicial concepts and developments in the legal profession and the law. Staff of the Office of Public Information collaborated on a research project about new media and the courts with the Conference of Court Public Information Officers that was presented at the group’s annual meeting in August 2010. In addition, in January 2010, the Supreme Court became the first state court in the nation to offer a comprehensive news delivery service that enables users to customize delivery preferences for their e-mail inboxes or wireless devices.

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