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Dec. 28, 2011
Supreme Court Makes Appointments to Boards, Commissions

The Supreme Court of Ohio has appointed several individuals to serve on boards and commissions to help meet its constitutional and statutory authority to regulate the practice of law and exercise general superintendence over all courts in the state.

Boards are formed to exercise quasi-judicial authority or decision-making authority on behalf of the Court. Commissions are formed to exercise quasi-ministerial authority on behalf of the Court.

Boards and commissions are created by action of the Court and operate under rules or regulations adopted by the Court. Members serve by appointment of the Chief Justice and Justices or by virtue of holding a position within or upon nomination of a group, organization, or association. Boards and commissions are composed of judges, attorneys, clerks of court, other court personnel, and private citizens from throughout Ohio.

Unless otherwise indicated, all terms begin Jan. 1, 2012, for the following appointees and the board or commission on which they will serve: