The Board of Professional Conduct’s on-line docket contains complete information and most documents for cases filed with the Board on or after January 1, 2015. For cases filed prior to January 1, 2015, information is limited to the case name, Board case number, the date filed, the status of the case, and, in some instances links to the Supreme Court docket and disciplinary opinions.
Case NumberCaptionFiledStatusDisposition
2020-035Disciplinary Counsel v. Bryant, Matthew Bolling6/29/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-034Disciplinary Counsel v. Darling, Stephen Michael7/1/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-033Disciplinary Counsel v. Wiggins, Brian Matthew6/29/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-032Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Strauss, Marc Ian7/1/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-031Mahoning County Bar Association v. Macejko, Joseph Raymond7/1/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-030Trumbull County Bar Association v. Lutseck, John Patrick7/1/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-029Lorain County Bar Association v. McGuire, Thomas Jeremiah6/10/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-028Lorain County Bar Association v. Robinson, Jeanette Michele6/10/2020Awaiting Answer 
2020-027Lorain County Bar Association v. Berta, David James6/10/2020Awaiting Answer to Amended Complaint 
2020-026Disciplinary Counsel v. Koogler, Lee David6/4/2020Awaiting Answer to Notice of Intent 
2020-025Disciplinary Counsel v. Moorman, Gabriel Phillip6/4/2020Awaiting Answer to Notice of Intent 
2020-024Columbus Bar Association v. Worthington, Dean Philip4/29/2020Certification of Default Filed 
2020-023Disciplinary Counsel v. Dougherty, Timothy Raymond4/29/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-022Cincinnati Bar Association v. Kathman, Edward Timothy4/30/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-021Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Morton, John Alex4/29/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-020Disciplinary Counsel v. Buttars, Austin Roan4/27/2020Stay-Pending Resignation 
2020-019Disciplinary Counsel v. Doute, Jerome Riley4/23/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-017Disciplinary Counsel v. Palombaro, Albert Alex3/26/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-016Lorain County Bar Association v. Vagotis, Christina Nicole3/26/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-015Disciplinary Counsel v. Shade, Jonea Marie3/12/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-014Mahoning County Bar Association v. Mostov, Jan Robert3/10/2020Before the Supreme Court 
2020-013Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Whipple, Douglas Paul3/3/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-012Hartman, Curt C. v. Falter, Karen Kopich3/9/2020ClosedClosed - Public Reprimand
2020-011Lorain County Bar Association v. Roth, Randolph Richard2/26/2020Hearing Scheduled 
2020-010Disciplinary Counsel v. Valenti, Kimberly Anne2/26/2020Hearing Scheduled