Faces of Mentoring: Personal Reflections

Patricia A. HemannPatricia A. Hemann
Magistrate Judge, N.D. Ohio

“Counsel, we will be in recess while I read the cases you have cited.” He read the cases, every one of them. He read every slip opinion before handing it to me to read and index for his files. Read more.
Stuart F. CubbonStuart F. Cubbon, Esq.
Cubbon and Associates Co., L.P.A.

I'm not sure the term “mentoring” was popular when I became a lawyer. I went straight from law school into a well established personal injury practice in which my father was my boss. Read more.
Heather G. SowaldHeather G. Sowald, Esq.
Sowald, Sowald and Clouse

To me, mentoring a young attorney is a way of “paying it forward.” I was fortunate to have been mentored by my mother, and I, in turn, have mentored many young attorneys over the years. Read more
Justice Terrence O'DonnellJustice Terrence O'Donnell
Supreme Court of Ohio

In 1971, I had the privilege of serving as a law clerk for Justice J.J.P. Corrigan of the Ohio Supreme Court. At that time, the Supreme Court was working on the newly adopted Ohio Rules of Civil Procedure preparing staff notes for the then fledgling rules. Read more.