The Board of Professional Conduct’s on-line docket contains complete information and most documents for cases filed with the Board on or after January 1, 2015. For cases filed prior to January 1, 2015, information is limited to the case name, Board case number, the date filed, the status of the case, and, in some instances links to the Supreme Court docket and disciplinary opinions.
Case NumberCaptionFiledStatusDisposition
SCC2018-001Frick, Bradley Nathaniel v. DeWine, Richard Patrick1/30/2018ClosedClosed - Case Dismissed by Hearing Panel
2018-058Disciplinary Counsel v. Adelstein, Carol Beth11/13/2018Awaiting Answer 
2018-057Akron Bar Association v. Plesich, Gregory Thomas11/7/2018Awaiting Answer 
2018-056Disciplinary Counsel v. Vanderburg, Keith Allan11/6/2018Awaiting Answer 
2018-055Cincinnati Bar Association v. Moore, Rodger William11/1/2018Awaiting Answer 
2018-054Toledo Bar Association v. Bishop, Jerry James, II11/1/2018Awaiting Answer 
2018-051Grimm, Christopher v. McCarty, Thomas Michael10/18/2018Before the Supreme CourtClosed-Judicial Campaign Complaint
2018-050Grimm, Christopher v. Lombardi, David Gessler10/18/2018Before the Supreme CourtClosed-Judicial Campaign Complaint
2018-049Disciplinary Counsel v. Burchinal, Christopher James10/2/2018Phone Conference Scheduled 
2018-048Disciplinary Counsel v. Mitchell, Christopher Paul9/28/2018Phone Conference Scheduled 
2018-047Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Aten, Michael Branch, Jr.10/4/2018Awaiting Answer to Notice of Intent 
2018-046Disciplinary Counsel v. Grego, Lisa Ann10/1/2018Hearing Panel Assigned 
2018-045Disciplinary Counsel v. Lehmkuhl, Phillip Douglas9/20/2018Hearing Panel Assigned 
2018-044Cincinnati Bar Association v. Riggs-Horton, Virginia Maria9/4/2018Consent Agreement Pending 
2018-043Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association v. Mariotti, Mark8/31/2018Certification of Default Filed 
2018-042Disciplinary Counsel v. Peters, John Ivor8/28/2018Phone Conference Scheduled 
2018-041Disciplinary Counsel v. Domis, Christian Brian8/1/2018Awaiting Panel Report 
2018-040Mahoning County Bar Association v. Rauzan, Andrew William7/3/2018Awaiting Answer to Amended Complaint 
2018-039Cincinnati Bar Association v. Jackson, Kory Akin7/3/2018ClosedClosed - Consolidation
2018-038Disciplinary Counsel v. Cramer, Marilyn Abrienne7/3/2018Hearing Scheduled 
2018-037Disciplinary Counsel v. Selby, Joan Patricia6/27/2018Awaiting Panel Report 
2018-036Disciplinary Counsel v. Camino, Paula Enza7/3/2018Stay - Interim Default Suspension 
2018-035Toledo Bar Association v. Manore, John James, III6/25/2018Hearing Held 
2018-034Dayton Bar Association v. Williams, David Lee6/6/2018Stay - Interim Default Suspension 
2018-033Disciplinary Counsel v. Tinch, William Matthew6/5/2018Stay - Interim Default Suspension