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State v. Alex 2016-A-0055CRIMINAL LAW - opinion testimony; witness veracity; child sexual abuse victim; delayed disclosure; inconsistent statements. INEFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE OF COUNSEL - failure to object; questioning on cross-examination; trial strategy.CannonAshtabula 11/13/2017 11/13/2017 2017-Ohio-8527
State v. Erich 2016-A-0056INEFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE OF COUNSEL - guilty plea; knowing and voluntary nature of plea; Crim.R. 11(C); failure to file motion to suppress; failure to adequately examine evidence; evidence de hors the record. APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 4(A); delayed appeal; jurisdiction.CannonWarren 11/13/2017 11/13/2017 2017-Ohio-8528
Ritchey v. JP Morgan Chase Bank 2016-L-130CIVIL PROCEDURE - Voluntary dismissal without prejudice filed after trial court's journalized decision granting summary judgment on all claims is a nullity. Civ.R. 41(A); implicit in the right to voluntary dismiss, is the requirement that the claims are pending; prior litigation between same parties involving same note and mortgage precludes subsequent lawsuit for claims that could have been raised; res judicata.WrightLake 11/13/2017 11/13/2017 2017-Ohio-8529
State v. Demarco 2016-P-0041CRIMINAL LAW - discharge of firearm on or near prohibited premises; public road or highway; substantial risk of physical harm to a person; serious physical harm to property; sufficiency; manifest weight; sentencing factors; seriousness and recidivism factors.CannonPortage 11/13/2017 11/13/2017 2017-Ohio-8530
Sultaana v. Keefe Supply Co. 2017-A-0047APPELLATE REVIEW - Lack of final appealable order; R.C. 2505.02; discovery orders are generally interlocutory and not immediately appealable.O'TooleAshtabula 11/13/2017 11/13/2017 2017-Ohio-8531
State ex rel. Sands v. Court of Common Pleas 2017-L-079EXTRAORDINARY WRITS - mandamus; failure to request relief is fatal to a petition for mandamus; mandamus is no substitute for direct appeal; Civ.R. 1(B)(6).O'TooleTrumbull 11/13/2017 11/13/2017 2017-Ohio-8532
Trumbull Cty. Bd. of Commrs. v. Gatti 2017-T-0027CIVIL - court of common pleas; subject matter jurisdiction; county employee; CBA; proportional share of hospitalization premiums; unpaid; suit for breach of contract; State Employee Relations Board; R.C. Chapter 4117; outside SERB exclusive jurisdiction; court possessed jurisdiction; grievance procedure inapplicable; summary judgment proper.RiceTrumbull 11/13/2017 11/13/2017 2017-Ohio-8533
Banfield v. Orazem 2017-G-0109CIVIL PROTECTION ORDER - Menacing by stalking; R.C. 2903.214(E)(2)(a); length of order; five-year limit; discretion of trial court; playing loud music; used to purposely upset victims.WrightGeauga 11/6/2017 11/6/2017 2017-Ohio-8438
Dilley v. Dilley 2017-G-0115DOMESTIC RELATIONS - GENERAL - divorce; motion to vacate; motion for relief from judgment; void; voidable; subject matter jurisdiction; due process; collateral attack. APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 16(A)(7); App.R. 12(A)(2); appellant's burden to demonstrate error.CannonGeauga 11/6/2017 11/6/2017 2017-Ohio-8439
State v. Mitchell 2017-P-0007 & 2017-P-0009APPELLATE REVIEW - motion to withdraw plea; untimely appeal; App.R. 4(A) timeliness; Civ.R. 58(B) service; petition for postconviction relief is a quasi-civil proceeding. POSTCONVICTION RELIEF - petitioner does not have to be in custody or under sentence to seek relief; jurisdiction; hearing; untimely petition; unavoidably prevented; findings of fact and conclusions of law not required when petition is untimely; motion to disqualify; conflict of interest; confidentiality; Prof.Cond.R. 1.10.CannonPortage 11/6/2017 11/6/2017 2017-Ohio-8440