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State v. Chesler 2014-G-3181CRIMINAL LAW - SENTENCING/FINES, RESTITUTION, EXPUNGEMENT - where trial court explained to appellant that his sentence of 30 months in prison was roughly based on six months for each year of theft, court's sentence is not based on exact formula, but, rather, was merely the court's way of estimating the sentence; thus, where sentence is not exactly determined by such formula, court does not err in entering its sentence. INEFFECTIVE ASSISTANCE OF COUNSEL - where appellant waives any challenge to venue by pleading guilty, his attorney had no duty to challenge venue and his attorney's failure to do so is not ineffective assistance.RiceGeauga 3/2/2015 3/2/2015 2015-Ohio-711
Vidovic v. Hoynes 2014-L-054CIVIL - Negligence; Gross Negligence; Spoliation of Evidence; summary judgment; de novo; bullying; political subdivision immunity; course of employment; willful and wanton conduct; reckless disregard; malice; ill will; bad faith; adverse evidentiary inferenceGrendellLake 3/2/2015 3/2/2015 2015-Ohio-712
Ziegler v. Burton Carol Mgt. 2014-L-067JUSTICIABILITY - mootness, moot, satisfaction of judgment renders appeal moot; motion for relief from judgment.WrightLake 3/2/2015 3/2/2015 2015-Ohio-713
Lusane v. Heverly 2014-P-0049Original Action - mandamus; public records request; R.C 149.43; C.R. 16O'TooleLake 3/2/2015 3/2/2015 2015-Ohio-714
State v. Fasline 2014-T-0004CRIMINAL LAW - felonious assault; tampering with evidence; sufficiency; manifest weight.O'TooleTrumbull 3/2/2015 3/2/2015 2015-Ohio-715
State v. Soller 2014-A-0034CRIMINAL - Felonious Assault; manifest weight of the evidence; sufficiency of the evidence; serious physical harm; knowingly cause physical harm; probable consequences of voluntary acts; hearsay; harmless error; no reasonable possibility that exclusion of evidence affected the result of the trialGrendellAshtabula 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-635
State v. Loftis 2014-A-0057CRIMINAL LAW - denial of motion to vacate void sentence proper when length of minimum imposed term was permissible under existing statute; felonious sexual penetration; 1989 version of R.C. 2907.12; aggravated first-degree felony; eight-year minimum term permissible under existing version of R.C. 2929.11.WrightAshtabula 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-636
State v. Yu 2014-G-3209; 2014-G-3210CRIMINAL - motion to suppress; traffic stop; reasonable suspicion; citizen informantGrendellGeauga 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-637
Fifth Third Bank v. Richards 2014-P-0040CIVIL- writ of possession; order of replevin; bankruptcy; lien; Section 522(f), Title 11, U.S. Code; lien avoidance; security interest not avoidable in bankruptcy; summary judgment; evidentiary materials; unjust enrichmentGRENDELLPORTAGE 2/23/2015 2/23/2015 2015-Ohio-638
Bank of Am. v. Salwan 2014-G-3228APPELLATE REVIEW - lack of jurisdiction; trial court has authority to correct inadvertent clerical errors; Civ.R. 60(A)RiceTrumbull 2/17/2015 2/17/2015 2015-Ohio-568