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State v. Weimer 2013-L-005CRIMINAL LAW - remand from Ohio Supreme Court; State v. Beverly; Confrontation Clause; hearsay; Evid.R. 801; conspiracy; co-conspirator's statements; aggravated burglary; aggravated murder; complicity; new trial warranted; sufficiency; Crim.R. 29(A); engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity; enterprise issue in light of Beverly; remand is also appropriate to conduct a new trial; 36 pages of jury instructions.O'TooleLake 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3116
State v. Sturgill 2015-A-0029CRIMINAL LAW - R.C. 2953.08(G) and the clear and convincing standard should be applied to determine whether a felony sentence is contrary to law; R.C. 2929.12; seriousness and recidivism factors.O'TooleAshtabula 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3117
State v. Ridenour 2015-A-0057CRIMINAL LAW - EVIDENCE - manifest weight of the evidence; sufficiency of the evidence; burglary; R.C. 2911.12(A)(3); trespass; R.C. 2911.21(A); occupied structure; a habitation remains an occupied structure for purposes of R.C. 2909.01(C)(1) when the habitant is hospitalized or in a rehabilitation facility.O'TooleAshtabula 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3118
State v. Adams 2015-G-0041CRIMINAL - felony sentencing; consecutive sentences; statutory findings; R.C. 2929.14; misdemeanor sentence; R.C. 2929.24.CannonGeauga 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3119
State v. Spano 2015-L-082CRIMINAL LAW - PLEAS, MOTIONS & OTHER HEARINGS - trial court did not abuse its discretion in denying motion to continue sentence where court stated its reasons for the denial in its judgment entry; court did not abuse its discretion in denying appellant's motion to withdraw his guilty plea where defendant was represented by competent counsel, he was given a hearing under Crim.R. 11 before he entered his plea, after the motion to withdraw was filed he was given a hearing on the motion, and court considered his request to withdraw his plea. CRIMINAL LAW - SENTENCING,/FINES, RESTITUTION, EXPUNGEMENT - trial court held hearing on issue of restitution as part of appellant's sentencing hearing; because appellant did not object to court's imposition of restitution at sentencing hearing or request hearing to dispute the order, the issue is waived; court's restitution order was supported by competent, credible evidence where prosecutor outlined victim's economic losses and victim testified in support and appellant failed to present any evidence disputing the amount of any of the victim's losses; appellant waived merger issue in trial court; there was no plain error regarding merger because record contained facts showing offenses to which he pled guilty were not allied offenses of similar import.RiceLake 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3120
Discover Bank v. Passmore 2015-L-098CIVIL - arbitration; counterclaim; removal; motion to confirm; res judicata; judgment on the merits; subject matter jurisdiction; motion to compel; final appealable order; interlocutory; reconsideration; motion to realign; no prejudicial error.CannonLake 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3121
State v. Gotshall 2015-P-0057CRIMINAL - ineffective assistance; discovery violation; discovery oversight; Crim.R. 16(B); intended for use; post-trial hearing; correct the record; right to be present; due process; Crim.R. 43(A).CannonPortage 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3122
State v. Shine 2015-T-0006CRIMINAL - motion to suppress; Crim.R. 12(F); factual issues; essential findings; findings of fact; on the record; sufficient evidence standard; insufficient for review.CannonTrumbull 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3123
Lopresti v. O'Brien 2016-G-0065APPELLATE REVIEW - lack of a final, appealable order; multiple claims or parties; Civ.R. 54(B); no just reason for delay.GrendellGeauga 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3124
In re N.P 2016-L-002 & 2016-L-003JUVENILE - termination of parental rights; permanent custody; independent counsel; maturity; child's wishes; in camera interview; best interests.CannonLake 5/23/2016 5/23/2016 2016-Ohio-3125