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Cleveland Elec. Illum. Co. v. Major Waste Disposal 2015-L-104, 2015-L-105CIVIL - summary judgment garbage truck; low-hanging power line; snagged by truck; no notice; duty of care; R.C. 4511.21; assured clear distance; reasonably discernible; more than visible; cognitive awareness; uncontested testimony; no genuine issue of material fact.RiceLake 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7442
State v. Denihan 2016-A-0003CRIMINAL - ineffective assistance; evidence outside of the record on appeal; State v. Cowan; municipal court is without jurisdiction to review a petition for post-conviction relief filed pursuant to R.C. 2953.21; Crim.R. 57(B) and Civ.R. 60(B)(5). Cannon Ashtabula 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7443
State v. Melton 2016-L-073APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 5(A); delayed appeal cannot be utilized as a means of maintaining successive appeals from same judgment.GrendellLake 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7444
State v. Rock 2016-L-088APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 5(A); delayed appeal; notice of appeal must be filed concurrently with motion for leave, entry must be attached to notice of appeal; reason does not justify delay of over 18 years.GrendellLake 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7445
State v. Perry 2016-T-0005CRIMINAL - void sentence; costs; R.C. 2947.23; postconviction relief; R.C. 2947.23; appellate rights; Crim.R. 32(A)GrendellTrumbull 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7446
In re C.C. 2016-T-0050 & 2016-T-0058JUVENILE - termination of parental rights - after mother's boyfriend raped one of her children, mother allowed him to remain in her home and he raped her younger daughter; although boyfriend pled guilty to rape, mother refused to believe her boyfriend raped her daughters; mother is incapable of protecting her children; children cannot be returned to mother within reasonable time or should not be placed with her; mother repeatedly failed to substantially remedy conditions causing children to be placed outside the children's home; mother failed and/or refused to use services made available to her to change her conduct although she had medical insurance coverage to pay for the services.RiceTrumbull 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7447
State v. Cretella 2016-T-0068APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 5(A); delayed appeal; no legal argument or authority presented which supports a right to withdraw a guilty plea; no reasons for failure to perfect a timely appeal. CannonTrumbull 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7448
State v. Santiago 2016-T-0070APPELLATE REVIEW - App.R. 5(A); delayed appeal; no valid reason for delay in perfecting appeal; no notice of appeal filed concurrently with motion.CannonTrumbull 10/24/2016 10/24/2016 2016-Ohio-7449
Kish v. Magyar 2015-A-0059CIVIL - real estate purchase agreement; oil and gas lease bonus payment; Civ.R. 12(B)(6) motion to dismiss; Civ.R. 53(D)(3)(b)(iii) objections to magistrate's factual findings inapplicable; no transcript required; motion to dismiss requires court to presume factual allegations as true; dismissal erroneous.WrightAshtabula 10/17/2016 10/17/2016 2016-Ohio-7355
State v. Yates 2016-A-0015APPELLATE REVIEW - An appeal from the court's decision which dismisses the charges would not be the proper remedy to address any issues regarding how the case was handled by the trial court.O'TooleAshtabula 10/17/2016 10/17/2016 2016-Ohio-7356