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The Supreme Court of Ohio & The Ohio Judicial System

Attorneys Certified to be Court-Appointed Counsel for Indigent Defendants in Capital Cases

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County Name Certification Type Att Reg #
Kelly Leann Culshaw A - Appellate Counsel 066394
Kathleen McGarry CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 038707
Angela Wilson Miller A - Appellate Counsel 064902
Allen Frank Stephen Chamberlain L - Lead Trial Counsel 039815
Allen Robert Adam Grzybowski C - Trial Co-Counsel 044014
Allen William Frederick Kluge L - Lead Trial Counsel 022433
Allen Zachary David Maisch C - Trial Co-Counsel 085926
Ashland Andrew Gordon Hyde C - Trial Co-Counsel 062888
Ashtabula Richard Robert Danolfo C - Trial Co-Counsel 075895
Ashtabula Michelle Marie French C - Trial Co-Counsel 088743
Ashtabula Dorothy Marie Lane C - Trial Co-Counsel 055898
Ashtabula David William Per Due C - Trial Co-Counsel 033413
Ashtabula Ariana Elizabeth Tarighati C - Trial Co-Counsel 039372
Athens Herman Andrew Carson LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 002201
Athens John Randall Cornely C - Trial Co-Counsel 072393
Athens Douglas Joseph Francis C - Trial Co-Counsel 082740
Auglaize Gerald Francis Siesel L - Lead Trial Counsel 022719
Belmont George Frank Pierce C - Trial Co-Counsel 010627
Brown Michael Patrick Kelly L - Lead Trial Counsel 010890
Brown Charles Nicholas Ring C - Trial Co-Counsel 061159
Brown Bruce Sanford Wallace L - Lead Trial Counsel 010876
Butler David Bradley Brewer L - Lead Trial Counsel 070012
Butler Melynda W. Cook Howard LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 066596
Butler Jeremy Jean Evans C - Trial Co-Counsel 077363
Butler John Gregory Howard L - Lead Trial Counsel 038510
Clark James Donald Marshall C - Trial Co-Counsel 012648
Clermont Amelia Victoria Morgan Ballard C - Trial Co-Counsel 083798
Clermont Ryan Luke DeBra C - Trial Co-Counsel 083188
Clermont Christopher Joseph Feldhaus C - Trial Co-Counsel 082408
Clermont Willard Stephen Haynes C - Trial Co-Counsel 023215
Clermont Gregory Mark Hoffman C - Trial Co-Counsel 082274
Clermont James Allen Hunt C - Trial Co-Counsel 004784
Clermont Daniel Boone Startsman III C - Trial Co-Counsel 082282
Cuyahoga Richard Van Agopian LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 030924
Cuyahoga Valerie R. Arbie-McClelland C - Trial Co-Counsel 061962
Cuyahoga Joshua Ross Barnhizer C - Trial Co-Counsel 074026
Cuyahoga Michael John Benza A - Appellate Counsel 061454
Cuyahoga Harvey Bruce Bruner L - Lead Trial Counsel 004829
Cuyahoga Joseph Dominic Buckley C - Trial Co-Counsel 041290
Cuyahoga Donald Butler LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 005968
Cuyahoga Kevin Michael Cafferkey LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 031470
Cuyahoga Michael Joseph Cheselka Jr. LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 076667
Cuyahoga Thomas Edward Conway L - Lead Trial Counsel 021183
Cuyahoga Thomas Edward Conway L - Lead Trial Counsel 021183
Cuyahoga Erika Bloomfield Cunliffe CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 074480
Cuyahoga Jillian Spence Davis CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 067272
Cuyahoga Gian M. de Caris C - Trial Co-Counsel 041786
Cuyahoga Mark Roy DeVan LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 003339
Cuyahoga Robert Aloysius Dixon LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 022466
Cuyahoga David Lawrence Doughten LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 002847
Cuyahoga Sheila Collette Downs C - Trial Co-Counsel 086069
Cuyahoga Wesley Adelbert Dumas C - Trial Co-Counsel 009004
Cuyahoga Alek El-Kamhawy C - Trial Co-Counsel 071845
Cuyahoga Brian Michael Fallon L - Lead Trial Counsel 011862
Cuyahoga Patrick Michael Farrell L - Lead Trial Counsel 011362
Cuyahoga Kelly Ann Gallagher CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 082935
Cuyahoga Jeffrey Michael Gamso CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 043869
Cuyahoga James Arthur Gay C - Trial Co-Counsel 025646
Cuyahoga John Brendan Gibbons LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 027294
Cuyahoga David Louis Grant L - Lead Trial Counsel 008407
Cuyahoga John Francis Greene C - Trial Co-Counsel 030847
Cuyahoga Jason George Haller C - Trial Co-Counsel 072674
Cuyahoga Edward Michael Heindel A - Appellate Counsel 046706
Cuyahoga Michael Chaim Hennenberg L - Lead Trial Counsel 007882
Cuyahoga John Hildebrand Sr. L - Lead Trial Counsel 025124
Cuyahoga Linda Louise Hricko C - Trial Co-Counsel 077012
Cuyahoga Joseph Andrew Humpolick LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 023665
Cuyahoga Nancy Therese Jamieson C - Trial Co-Counsel 083880
Cuyahoga Bret Jordan C - Trial Co-Counsel 059939
Cuyahoga Christine Marie Julian C - Trial Co-Counsel 061699
Cuyahoga Jeffry Francis Kelleher LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 007784
Cuyahoga James Monroe Kersey L - Lead Trial Counsel 017785
Cuyahoga David Martin King CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 056205
Cuyahoga Patricia K. London C - Trial Co-Counsel 055934
Cuyahoga John Patrick Luskin L - Lead Trial Counsel 040158
Cuyahoga Fernando Ortez Mack L - Lead Trial Counsel 062937
Cuyahoga David Thomas Magee C - Trial Co-Counsel 064387
Cuyahoga Christopher Scott Maher C - Trial Co-Counsel 055318
Cuyahoga Michael Patrick Maloney C - Trial Co-Counsel 038661
Cuyahoga John Thomas Martin CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 020606
Cuyahoga James Joseph McDonnell L - Lead Trial Counsel 005802
Cuyahoga William Thomas McGinty L - Lead Trial Counsel 009285
Cuyahoga Brian Richard McGraw C - Trial Co-Counsel 036799
Cuyahoga Charles Michael Morgan Jr. C - Trial Co-Counsel 036998
Cuyahoga Edward Matthew Mullin LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 040053
Cuyahoga Anthony Thomas Nici CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 067725
Cuyahoga Joseph Vincent Pagano CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 073491
Cuyahoga John Patrick Parker LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 041243
Cuyahoga Thomas Adolf Rein CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 041571
Cuyahoga Alan Curtis Rossman LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 019893
Cuyahoga Michael Patrick Shaughnessy C - Trial Co-Counsel 074751
Cuyahoga Thomas Edward Shaughnessy L - Lead Trial Counsel 047201
Cuyahoga Reuben Jordan Sheperd C - Trial Co-Counsel 065616
Cuyahoga Marcus Salvatore Sidoti C - Trial Co-Counsel 077476
Cuyahoga Rufus Sims C - Trial Co-Counsel 039639
Cuyahoga Mark Andrew Spadaro C - Trial Co-Counsel 059543
Cuyahoga Kevin Matthew Spellacy L - Lead Trial Counsel 042374
Cuyahoga John Peter Stanard L - Lead Trial Counsel 039996
Cuyahoga Mark Andrew Stanton L - Lead Trial Counsel 007919
Cuyahoga Mark Allen Stefan C - Trial Co-Counsel 061340
Cuyahoga Cullen Goretzke Sweeney CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 077187
Cuyahoga Timothy Farrell Sweeney A - Appellate Counsel 040027
Cuyahoga William Wallace Thompson IV LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 034177
Cuyahoga Mary Jo Tipping C - Trial Co-Counsel 055292
Cuyahoga Robert Lynn Tobik L - Lead Trial Counsel 029286
Cuyahoga Mary Catherine Herbig Tylee L - Lead Trial Counsel 019725
Cuyahoga Edwin James Vargas C - Trial Co-Counsel 062913
Cuyahoga Charles Keith Webster L - Lead Trial Counsel 032753
Cuyahoga Craig Tod Weintraub C - Trial Co-Counsel 040095
Cuyahoga Joseph Edmond Wilhelm A - Appellate Counsel 055407
Delaware Brian Glen Jones C - Trial Co-Counsel 081724
Erie David Jon Longo C - Trial Co-Counsel 036706
Erie Jeffrey John Whitacre CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 040290
Fairfield Jerry Lee McHenry L - Lead Trial Counsel 022937
Fairfield Andrew Hugh Stevenson L - Lead Trial Counsel 059742
Franklin Elizabeth Anne Arrick A - Appellate Counsel 085151
Franklin Andrew Paul Avellano A - Appellate Counsel 062907
Franklin Todd Woodruff Barstow LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 055834
Franklin Robert James Beck Jr. C - Trial Co-Counsel 070180
Franklin Frederick Douglas Benton Jr. L - Lead Trial Counsel 022800
Franklin Dustin Mikel Blake C - Trial Co-Counsel 080560
Franklin Sean O'Reilly Boyle C - Trial Co-Counsel 039586
Franklin Jessica Leigh Carrico A - Appellate Counsel 087813
Franklin Charles William Carter C - Trial Co-Counsel 081097
Franklin Richard Allen Cline LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 001854
Franklin Mark Charles Collins L - Lead Trial Counsel 061207
Franklin Christopher Michael Cooper L - Lead Trial Counsel 028970
Franklin Stephen Dwight Dehnart L - Lead Trial Counsel 039275
Franklin Isabella Dixon L - Lead Trial Counsel 039650
Franklin Christian Brian Domis C - Trial Co-Counsel 069905
Franklin Stanley Leonard Drzewiecki C - Trial Co-Counsel 061306
Franklin Robert David Essex C - Trial Co-Counsel 061661
Franklin Tyson Lynn Fleming A - Appellate Counsel 073135
Franklin Kort Walter Gatterdam L - Lead Trial Counsel 040434
Franklin Stephen Paul Hardwick A - Appellate Counsel 062932
Franklin Thomas Frank Hayes C - Trial Co-Counsel 062526
Franklin Gregory Alan Hoover C - Trial Co-Counsel 083933
Franklin Emily LuAnn Huddleston C - Trial Co-Counsel 079182
Franklin Mark Marion Hunt C - Trial Co-Counsel 068040
Franklin Jason Michael Inman C - Trial Co-Counsel 079891
Franklin Daniel Paul Jones A - Appellate Counsel 041224
Franklin Ian James Jones C - Trial Co-Counsel 080864
Franklin Robin Anne Jones C - Trial Co-Counsel 078233
Franklin Christopher Thomas Junga C - Trial Co-Counsel 071992
Franklin Michelle Leigh Kazar C - Trial Co-Counsel 071211
Franklin Robert Francis Krapenc L - Lead Trial Counsel 040645
Franklin Mary Catherine Kurila C - Trial Co-Counsel 030269
Franklin Lisa Marie Lagos A - Appellate Counsel 089299
Franklin William Sheldon Lazarow CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 014625
Franklin Jefferson Edward Liston L - Lead Trial Counsel 011930
Franklin Robert Clayton Lopez C - Trial Co-Counsel 070993
Franklin Robert Keith Lowe A - Appellate Counsel 072264
Franklin Kirk Alan McVay L - Lead Trial Counsel 064858
Franklin Diane Marie Menashe L - Lead Trial Counsel 070305
Franklin Gregory William Meyers L - Lead Trial Counsel 014887
Franklin William Jay Mooney L - Lead Trial Counsel 002729
Franklin Michael Edward Morgan C - Trial Co-Counsel 071387
Franklin Kevin Peter Mulrane L - Lead Trial Counsel 014886
Franklin Sheryl Kay Munson C - Trial Co-Counsel 063229
Franklin Deborah Ann Murray C - Trial Co-Counsel 070416
Franklin Mahlon Duncan Nowland L - Lead Trial Counsel 014888
Franklin Crysta Renee Pennington C - Trial Co-Counsel 077838
Franklin Susan Pettit C - Trial Co-Counsel 067613
Franklin Randall Lee Porter LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 005835
Franklin Pamela Jean Prude-Smithers A - Appellate Counsel 062206
Franklin Kimberly Sue Rigby A - Appellate Counsel 078245
Franklin Brian James Rigg LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 038805
Franklin James Tullis Rogers L - Lead Trial Counsel 034225
Franklin Kathryn Louise Sandford A - Appellate Counsel 063985
Franklin Robert Otto Schopis C - Trial Co-Counsel 030482
Franklin Shirley Adele Shank LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 022148
Franklin Donald Ray Shartzer C - Trial Co-Counsel 025059
Franklin Gerald Gordon Simmons L - Lead Trial Counsel 027156
Franklin David Clark Stebbins LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 005839
Franklin David Lee Strait A - Appellate Counsel 024103
Franklin Priya Devi Tamilarasan C - Trial Co-Counsel 086376
Franklin Luigia Tenuta A - Appellate Counsel 014771
Franklin Larry Wayne Thomas L - Lead Trial Counsel 037851
Franklin Rachel Gwendolyn Troutman A - Appellate Counsel 076741
Franklin Richard Joseph Vickers CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 032997
Franklin Elizabeth Elaine Wachsman C - Trial Co-Counsel 074833
Franklin J. Scott Weisman L - Lead Trial Counsel 046797
Franklin Shawn Patrick Welch A - Appellate Counsel 085399
Franklin Mitchell Alan Williams C - Trial Co-Counsel 067629
Franklin Stephen Thomas Wolfe CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 083894
Franklin Carol Ann Wright CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 029782
Franklin Jeremy Ballinger Wright C - Trial Co-Counsel 078687
Franklin Mary Ann Younger L - Lead Trial Counsel 014898
Gallia William Ned Eachus L - Lead Trial Counsel 004997
Geauga Gregory Kenneth Mullin L - Lead Trial Counsel 037181
Geauga Raymond Robert Umholtz C - Trial Co-Counsel 020585
Guernsey Lindsey Kay Donehue C - Trial Co-Counsel 082406
Hamilton Elizabeth Esther Agar L - Lead Trial Counsel 002766
Hamilton Kathryn Ann Ancona C - Trial Co-Counsel 072587
Hamilton Perry Leslie Ancona L - Lead Trial Counsel 021137
Hamilton Arthur Norman Aubin LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 022907
Hamilton James Francis Bogen C - Trial Co-Counsel 075696
Hamilton Daniel Francis Burke Jr. LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 013836
Hamilton Timothy Robert Cutcher L - Lead Trial Counsel 023890
Hamilton Wilkes Robert Ellsworth C - Trial Co-Counsel 068443
Hamilton Edell Robert Gray C - Trial Co-Counsel 066701
Hamilton Lawrence Charles Hawkins III C - Trial Co-Counsel 075873
Hamilton David Henry Hoffmann A - Appellate Counsel 005384
Hamilton Bruce Kevin Hust A - Appellate Counsel 037009
Hamilton Massimino M. Ionna C - Trial Co-Counsel 072150
Hamilton Christine Yvonne Jones A - Appellate Counsel 055225
Hamilton Edward Timothy Kathman C - Trial Co-Counsel 055446
Hamilton Roger Wayne Kirk A - Appellate Counsel 024219
Hamilton Richard Alan Magnus C - Trial Co-Counsel 013917
Hamilton Anna Schmalz Mallory C - Trial Co-Counsel 078103
Hamilton Hugh Peter McCloskey Jr. C - Trial Co-Counsel 072872
Hamilton Timothy Joseph McKenna LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 075027
Hamilton Timothy Joseph McKenna LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 075027
Hamilton William Frank Oswall Jr. C - Trial Co-Counsel 080597
Hamilton Robert James Ranz L - Lead Trial Counsel 039221
Hamilton Scott Aaron Rubenstein CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 071655
Hamilton Tamara Susan Sack C - Trial Co-Counsel 071163
Hamilton Marguerite Jean Slagle A - Appellate Counsel 082217
Hamilton Joshua Andrew Thompson A - Appellate Counsel 089539
Hamilton Arica Lynn Underwood C - Trial Co-Counsel 067664
Hamilton David Samuel Washington Jr. L - Lead Trial Counsel 055406
Hamilton William Michael Welsh L - Lead Trial Counsel 059973
Hamilton Richard George Wendel II C - Trial Co-Counsel 059245
Hamilton Carrie Elizabeth Wood A - Appellate Counsel 087091
Hancock Aaron Joseph Ried C - Trial Co-Counsel 072781
Harrison Charles Adrian Pincola C - Trial Co-Counsel 042639
Jefferson Robert Aaron Miller C - Trial Co-Counsel 041384
Knox Brandon Sterl Crunkilton C - Trial Co-Counsel 084206
Knox Bruce James Malek C - Trial Co-Counsel 022190
Knox Frederick Eugene Mayhew II L - Lead Trial Counsel 022207
Lake Aaron Thomas Baker CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 082994
Lake Matthew Charles Bangerter CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 081898
Lake Margaret Susan Campbell C - Trial Co-Counsel 064428
Lake Charles Robert Grieshammer L - Lead Trial Counsel 022693
Lake Kimberly Kendall C - Trial Co-Counsel 089866
Lawrence Warren Newton Morford Jr. C - Trial Co-Counsel 038031
Licking Andrew Thomas Sanderson LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 066327
Logan Marc Spencer Triplett C - Trial Co-Counsel 021222
Lorain Kreig Joseph Brusnahan LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 031147
Lorain Michael James Camera C - Trial Co-Counsel 000476
Lorain Brian James Darling CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 078427
Lorain Michael James Duff L - Lead Trial Counsel 015329
Lorain Nicholas John Hanek C - Trial Co-Counsel 083578
Lorain James David Ingalls C - Trial Co-Counsel 053071
Lorain Kenneth Michael Lieux L - Lead Trial Counsel 014148
Lorain Kenneth Nelson Ortner C - Trial Co-Counsel 069726
Lorain Daniel George Wightman L - Lead Trial Counsel 008790
Lorain Denise Gail Wilms CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 080317
Lucas Ann Marie Baronas LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 061848
Lucas Mark David Berling L - Lead Trial Counsel 002444
Lucas Spiros Peter Cocoves LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 030396
Lucas Merle Renner Dech Jr. L - Lead Trial Counsel 055835
Lucas Nicole Irene Khoury C - Trial Co-Counsel 074737
Lucas David Lee Klucas L - Lead Trial Counsel 041188
Lucas Robert Anthony Miller C - Trial Co-Counsel 070777
Lucas Jeffrey Paul Nunnari A - Appellate Counsel 059691
Lucas Jane Elizabeth Roman C - Trial Co-Counsel 074802
Lucas Peter Gregory Rost L - Lead Trial Counsel 001426
Lucas John Brian Thebes L - Lead Trial Counsel 042277
Lucas Jack Patrick Viren Jr. C - Trial Co-Counsel 043216
Mahoning Mark Anthony Carfolo CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 053385
Mahoning Rhys Brendan Cartwright-Jones CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 078597
Mahoning Paul Christopher Conn C - Trial Co-Counsel 059663
Mahoning Louis Martin DeFabio L - Lead Trial Counsel 059101
Mahoning James Samuel Gentile L - Lead Trial Counsel 029573
Mahoning Edward Joseph Hartwig C - Trial Co-Counsel 069792
Mahoning John B. Juhasz Jr. LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 023777
Mahoning John Paul Laczko CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 051918
Mahoning Lynn Anne Maro CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 052146
Mahoning Anthony P. Meranto C - Trial Co-Counsel 066152
Mahoning Douglas Beight Taylor C - Trial Co-Counsel 043857
Mahoning James Russell Wise C - Trial Co-Counsel 039046
Mahoning Ronald David Yarwood L - Lead Trial Counsel 068775
Mahoning Thomas Edward Zena LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 007375
Marion Todd Allen Anderson C - Trial Co-Counsel 066346
Medina Edmond Frank Bowers L - Lead Trial Counsel 033360
Medina Russell Anthony Buzzelli C - Trial Co-Counsel 038165
Medina Michael Joseph Callow C - Trial Co-Counsel 065579
Medina Jocelyn Stefancin C - Trial Co-Counsel 047140
Meigs Charles Howard Knight L - Lead Trial Counsel 011345
Miami Jose Manuel Lopez L - Lead Trial Counsel 019580
Montgomery Bradley Scott Baldwin C - Trial Co-Counsel 070186
Montgomery Michael Paul Brush C - Trial Co-Counsel 080981
Montgomery Bobby Joe Cox L - Lead Trial Counsel 011673
Montgomery Gary Wayne Crim CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 020252
Montgomery Michael Paul Dailey C - Trial Co-Counsel 085986
Montgomery Alysia Anne Goss C - Trial Co-Counsel 086398
Montgomery Adelina Elizabeth Hamilton C - Trial Co-Counsel 078595
Montgomery Marshall Gary Lachman LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 076791
Montgomery Dennis Alan Lieberman L - Lead Trial Counsel 029460
Montgomery Tina Marie McFall CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 082586
Montgomery Michael Lloyd Monta L - Lead Trial Counsel 032777
Montgomery Michael Richard Pentecost LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 036803
Montgomery Yashmin Wortham Spells C - Trial Co-Counsel 039449
Morrow Earl Kellar Desmond L - Lead Trial Counsel 017243
Morrow Andrew Scott Wick C - Trial Co-Counsel 087366
Morrow Donald Keith Wick C - Trial Co-Counsel 011010
Muskingum Frederick Arthur Sealover C - Trial Co-Counsel 079791
Noble Jack Allen Blakeslee L - Lead Trial Counsel 001005
Ottawa Amanda Ann-Carmen Andrews CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 088814
Ottawa James Jacob VanEerten C - Trial Co-Counsel 083878
Portage Joseph Francis Gorman L - Lead Trial Counsel 063797
Portage Troy Adam Reeves C - Trial Co-Counsel 069583
Richland Russell Joshua Brown C - Trial Co-Counsel 008452
Richland Bernard Robert Davis L - Lead Trial Counsel 001166
Richland Terry Dean Hitchman L - Lead Trial Counsel 039895
Richland Robert Harry Whitney L - Lead Trial Counsel 014733
Richland Robert Rolf Whitney L - Lead Trial Counsel 014749
Ross Chase Randall Carter C - Trial Co-Counsel 087700
Scioto Gene Meadows C - Trial Co-Counsel 041890
Scioto Richard Michael Nash Jr. C - Trial Co-Counsel 077266
Stark John Patsy Alexander C - Trial Co-Counsel 074284
Stark Frank Llewellyn Beane L - Lead Trial Counsel 032041
Stark Tammi Renee Johnson L - Lead Trial Counsel 029700
Stark Anthony Theodore Kaplanis L - Lead Trial Counsel 042229
Stark Anthony Koukoutas L - Lead Trial Counsel 066500
Stark Aaron Kovalchik C - Trial Co-Counsel 077045
Stark Dennis Day Lager LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 026073
Stark Michael Randall Puterbaugh C - Trial Co-Counsel 041568
Stark Steven Alan Reisch C - Trial Co-Counsel 068310
Stark Barry Thomas Wakser C - Trial Co-Counsel 059170
Stark Jacob Thomas Will C - Trial Co-Counsel 086558
Summit Walter Joseph Benson C - Trial Co-Counsel 064295
Summit Wesley Clair Buchanan C - Trial Co-Counsel 090283
Summit Donald Michael Gallick CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 073421
Summit Paul Michael Grant C - Trial Co-Counsel 065131
Summit John William Greven L - Lead Trial Counsel 063421
Summit Donald Robert Hicks LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 034221
Summit Erik Erwin Jones C - Trial Co-Counsel 075418
Summit Rhonda Lee Kotnik C - Trial Co-Counsel 077345
Summit Jeff Robert Laybourne C - Trial Co-Counsel 079867
Summit Donald John Malarcik Jr. L - Lead Trial Counsel 061902
Summit Kirk Aaron Migdal C - Trial Co-Counsel 054878
Summit Noah Christian Munyer C - Trial Co-Counsel 086575
Summit Gina Marie Nennig-Henry C - Trial Co-Counsel 083485
Summit Kerry Michael O'Brien L - Lead Trial Counsel 025304
Summit George Charles Pappas LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 037374
Summit Brian Martin Pierce L - Lead Trial Counsel 063736
Summit Nathan Allan Ray CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 041570
Summit Scott Alan Rilley C - Trial Co-Counsel 062481
Summit Joann Marie Sahl A - Appellate Counsel 037265
Summit Jonathan Todd Sinn L - Lead Trial Counsel 064108
Summit Adam Michael Van Ho CA - Trial Co-Counsel and Appeal 073974
Summit William Anthony Vasiliou II C - Trial Co-Counsel 087440
Summit Donald Lewis Walker L - Lead Trial Counsel 033764
Summit Jason Thomas Wells C - Trial Co-Counsel 075268
Summit Andrea Lynn Whitaker C - Trial Co-Counsel 074461
Summit Lawrence James Whitney LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 023738
Trumbull Anthony Victor Consoldane LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 000761
Trumbull Matthew Andrew Pentz L - Lead Trial Counsel 023772
Trumbull David Thomas Rouzzo C - Trial Co-Counsel 073685
Tuscarawas Gerald Allan Latanich LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 018798
Tuscarawas Mark Adam Perlaky C - Trial Co-Counsel 083679
Tuscarawas Nicole Rae Stephan C - Trial Co-Counsel 075700
Warren Johnny Christy Kaspar C - Trial Co-Counsel 078062
Warren Maxwell Douglas Kinman C - Trial Co-Counsel 086725
Washington Dennis Lyle Sipe LA - Lead Trial And Appeal Counsel 006199
Wayne Rodney Anthony Baca C - Trial Co-Counsel 070756
Wayne John Joseph Leonard C - Trial Co-Counsel 066643
Wayne Beverly Jean Wire C - Trial Co-Counsel 030379
Wood James Scott Hicks C - Trial Co-Counsel 032036