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State v. Huston CA2017-08-012The trial court made a clerical error in its judgment entries of plea and sentence by claiming appellant pled guilty rather than appellant's actual plea of no contest, thereby requiring the matter to be reversed and remanded to the trial court to issue the necessary nunc pro tunc judgment entries to correct the clerical errors in its applicable judgment entries. The trial court, however, did not err by finding appellant guilty upon appellant entering a no contest plea to burglary and attempted aggravated arson where the trial court went to great lengths to ensure appellant was entering his no contest plea knowingly, intelligently, and voluntarily with a complete understanding of the nature of the charges against him and the maximum possible penalty that he faced.S. PowellClinton 7/16/2018 7/16/2018 2018-Ohio-2818
State v. Nelson CA2017-08-042Trial court did not err in finding that probable cause existed in support of issuing a search warrant for offender's hotel room, and in denying offender's motion to suppress drug trafficking evidence seized in offender's hotel room.M. PowellClermont 7/16/2018 7/16/2018 2018-Ohio-2819
State v. Fehrenbach CA2018-02-022Anders no error.Per CuriamButler 7/16/2018 7/16/2018 2018-Ohio-2820
Duke Energy Ohio, Inc. v. Hamilton CA2018-01-001The trial court did not err in granting a partial-dismissal of a public utility's complaint, as the utility's claim that it had exclusive right to provide natural gas and electric services to an area located in Fairfield Township was a service-based claim that requires the PUCO's administrative expertise to resolve. The public utility's claim is based on the Ohio Certified Territories Act and tariffs filed with PUCO, and both the tariffs and the Act fall within the exclusive purview of PUCO.HendricksonButler 7/16/2018 7/16/2018 2018-Ohio-2821
State v. Mallory CA2017-12-164Anders no error.Per CuriamButler 7/9/2018 7/9/2018 2018-Ohio-2667
Berkheimer v. REKM, L.L.C. CA2017-12-165Plaintiff, who was injured by a chicken bone ingested while consuming a "boneless" chicken wing at a restaurant, appeals decision granting judgment on the pleadings to the restaurant, its food supplier, and the food manufacturer. The trial court erred in granting judgment to defendants where material facts remained undetermined at the pleading stage such that the court could not find beyond doubt that the Plaintiff could prove no set of facts entitling him to relief.S. PowellButler 7/9/2018 7/9/2018 2018-Ohio-2668
State v. Rhymer CA2018-01-014Appeal challenging the trial court's calculation of jail-time credit dismissed where appellant had completed his prison sentence, thereby render the appeal moot.S. PowellButler 7/9/2018 7/9/2018 2018-Ohio-2669
State v. Dallman CA2017-11-056, CA2017-11-057 HendricksonClermont 7/9/2018 7/9/2018 2018-Ohio-2670
State v. McQueen CA2017-12-062Offender's 60-month prison sentence for sexual battery was not contrary to law and was supported by the record.M. PowellClermont 7/9/2018 7/9/2018 2018-Ohio-2671
State v. Davis CA2017-11-156Trial court did not err in sentencing defendant to 11 months in prison following his violation of community control under newly amended R.C. 2929.15(B)(1)(c)(ii). M. PowellWarren 7/9/2018 7/9/2018 2018-Ohio-2672