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Case CaptionCase No.Topics and IssuesAuthorCitation / CountyDecidedPostedWebCite
Citibank, N.A. v. Hine 17CA3598discovery ruling; non-party deposition; denial of motion to quash/motion for protective order not final appealable order; R.C. 2505.02(B)(4); provisional remedy; R.C. 2505.02(A)(3)HarshaRoss 6/23/2017 6/27/2017 2017-Ohio-5537
State v. Williams 17CA8Criminal: Trial court erred by suppressing the results of defendant's BAC DataMaster breath-alcohol test because it incorrectly determined that operator of test did not hold a valid permit at time test was administered.HooverWashington 6/16/2017 6/22/2017 2017-Ohio-4455
State v. Meddock 16CA864CRIMINAL - No error occurred by the trial court by admitting opinion or law enforcement testimony, denying Appellant's Crim.R. 29 motion or due process rights.McFarlandPike 6/15/2017 6/20/2017 2017-Ohio-4414
State v. Howes 16CA3545; 16CA3546; 16CA3547Appellate court could not clearly and convincingly find that the record did not support consecutive sentences and appellant failed to demonstrate ineffective assistance of counsel. AbeleRoss 6/15/2017 6/26/2017 2017-Ohio-5508
State v. Willis 16CA3781Misunderstanding concerning eligibility for judicial release requires the conclusion that appellant's pleas were not knowing, intelligent and voluntary.AbeleScioto 6/14/2017 6/22/2017 2017-Ohio-4456
State v. Dunning 17CA3Because trial court determined that no grounds existed on which to believe that an infringement of appellant's rights had occurred, appellant was not entitled to an evidentiary hearing on his post-conviction relief petition.AbelePickaway 6/13/2017 6/22/2017 2017-Ohio-4451
In re L.B.J. 17CA2 & 17CA3permanent custody, parental rights, disability discrimination, R.C. 2151.04, 42 USC 12132, dependency, mental retardationHarshaLawrence 6/12/2017 6/20/2017 2017-Ohio-4416
State v. Craig 15CA22CRIMINAL - Trial court failed to merge some offenses of similar import. Case is reversed in part and remanded to trial court.McFarlandAthens 6/12/2017 6/16/2017 2017-Ohio-4342
State v. Brigner 17CA3Motion to correct sentence; Res judicata; Allied offenses of similar importHarshaAthens 6/9/2017 6/27/2017 2017-Ohio-5538
State v. Taylor 16CA1028Guilty plea-trial court's failure to exercise discretion and instead employing blanket policy when rejecting appellant's request to plead guilty on date of trial harmless error when jury convicted appellant of same offense to which he requested to plead guilty and when record failed to show that appellant would have received a different sentence if the court had permitted him to plead guilty before trial.AbeleAdams 6/7/2017 6/19/2017 2017-Ohio-4395