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State v. Braswell L-16-1197Where testimonial evidence established that defendant exited victim's home within minutes of burglary, door had been forced open, items were missing, and defendant subsequently confessed, his conviction was supported by legally sufficient evidence and was not against the manifest weight of the evidence. Despite multiple claims of ineffective assistance of counsel, defendant could not demonstrate that any impacted the outcome of the trial. OsowikLucas 8/10/2018 8/10/2018 2018-Ohio-3208
In re Estate of Watson L-17-1139Trial court abused its discretion when it denied appellants’ Civ.R. 60(B)(1) motion for relief from judgment. Judgment reversed. Wrongful death, settlement, distribution, statutory wrongful death beneficiaries, next of kin, notice, reasonable diligence, relief from judgment, abuse of discretion, de novo review, civilOsowikLucas 8/10/2018 8/10/2018 2018-Ohio-3209
Katz v. Katz L-17-1157Trial court erred in denying motion to compel arbitration where claims for breach of fiduciary duty, fraud, and misappropriation arose from LLC’s operating agreement and appellee was bound by agreement as substitute member, in place of ex-husband who continued to manage company. Non-arbitrable claims must be stayed pending arbitration of arbitrable claims. Orders denying motion to strike jury demand and to dismiss for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction were not final appealable orders.MayleLucas 8/10/2018 8/10/2018 2018-Ohio-3210
State v. Leavell E-17-071Motion to vacate conviction barred by the doctrine of res judicata and because it was untimely.PietrykowskiErie 8/10/2018 8/10/2018 2018-Ohio-3211
Tillimon v. Moore L-18-1040, L-18-1041Remand is necessary for court to calculate, ascertain, and grant appropriate monetary damages for months appellant owned rental property. Post-argument motion to supplement record is denied.SingerLucas 8/10/2018 8/10/2018 2018-Ohio-3212
In re B.H. L-18-1059Competent, credible evidence supported trial court’s finding that (1) child could not be placed with mother within a reasonable amount of time and should not be placed with her parents; and (2) granting permanent custody to the children services agency was in the child’s best interest.JensenLucas 8/8/2018 8/10/2018 2018-Ohio-3207
In re Adoption of A.C.B. L-18-1043Trial court has discretion to determine whether payments made by a natural parent contesting an adoption constitute maintenance and support under R.C. 3107.07(A). A trial court does not abuse its discretion where it finds that a father’s single child support payment made in the year before the filing of the adoption petition, which constitutes less than three weeks of the total child support obligation, and where the father has been gainfully employed during the year, is not maintenance and support.PietrykowskiLucas 8/3/2018 8/3/2018 2018-Ohio-3081
In re Adoption of K. WD-18-018The trial court did not abuse its discretion by denying paternal grandfather’s motion to intervene under Civ.R. 24(B)(2). Grandfather’s failure to comply with Civ.R. 24(C) was sufficient grounds to deny his motion. Grandfather also lacks legal rights that he could protect by intervening in the adoption proceedings because (1) he is not seeking to adopt the child and (2) a juvenile court order granting him visitation with the child is not binding on the probate court in an adoption case.MayleWood 8/3/2018 8/3/2018 2018-Ohio-3082
State v. Bonner E-17-043Trial court erroneously allowed the state to treat its witness as a hostile witness in order to elicit identification evidence, but such error was harmless in light of the remaining identification evidence.JensenErie 8/3/2018 8/3/2018 2018-Ohio-3083
State v. Dornoff WD-16-072Criminal. Rape. Felonious assault. Kidnapping. Sexual offender classification. Guilty Plea. Crim.R. 11. R.C. Chapter 2950.SingerWood 8/3/2018 8/3/2018 2018-Ohio-3084