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State v. Davis 13-16-30Absent evidence showing the underrepresentation of a racial group in jury venires and systemic exclusion of members of this racial group in the process of jury selection, a defendant cannot prove that he or she was denied the right to be tried by a jury of peers on the grounds that the trial court failed to provide a representative sampling of a particular racial group in the jury pool.WillamowskiSeneca 5/22/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2916
Dietz v. Harshbarger 17-16-21The trial court did not err by granting summary judgment in favor of defendant-appellee because there is no genuine issue of material fact that defendant-appellee is entitled to immunity under R.C. Chapter 2744. Defendant-appellee is not excepted from immunity under R.C. 2744.02(B)(3) because the stop sign at issue in this case is not included within the definition of a public road. Defendant-appellee is not excepted from immunity under R.C. 2744.02(B)(3) because the placement of a stop-ahead sign does not fall within the meaning of "in repair."PrestonShelby 5/22/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2917
State v. Stuward 13-16-29Defendant-Appellant's conviction for telecommunications fraud does not merge with her convictions for theft and attempted theft. The judgment of the Trial Court is therefore affirmed.ZimmermanSeneca 5/22/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2918
In re B.P. 9-16-57The trial court did not err in awarding permanent custody of B.P. to the Agency because the trial court satisfied the requirements of R.C. 2151.414(B)(1).PrestonMarion 5/22/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2919
State v. Nienberg 12-16-15, 12-16-16There is not clear and convincing evidence that the record does not support the defendant-appellant's sentence or that his sentence is otherwise contrary to law.PrestonPutnam 5/22/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2920
State v. Swisher 13-16-35Trial court did not err by declining to instruct jury on lesser included offense. Rape conviction supported by the evidence.ShawSeneca 5/22/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2921
Hoteling v. Ozdemir 16-16-04Trial court's determination that money was a loan and not a gift supported by the record.ShawWyandot 5/22/2017 5/22/2017 2017-Ohio-2922
State v. McVety 8-16-19The trial court did not err in finding there was sufficient evidence of venue proven at trial.ShawLogan 5/15/2017 5/15/2017 2017-Ohio-2796
State v. Hernandez 4-16-27, 4-16-28Appellant could not establish ineffective assistance of counsel.ShawDefiance 5/15/2017 5/15/2017 2017-Ohio-2797
Reese v. Whitsett 8-16-16The trial court did not err in granting Father's motion to be designated residential parent. The record demonstrates that the trial court considered the relevant statutory best interest factors in addition to other factors it found significant in rendering its decision.ShawLogan 5/15/2017 5/15/2017 2017-Ohio-2798